Tips For Buying HD TVs on Craigslist

Tips For Buying HD TVs on Craigslist
Tips For Buying HD TVs on Craigslist
So you want to catch up with technology and buy a high definition television. Of course you have lots of buying options, but you may consider turning to As you know, Craigslist is an online website where internet users can buy and sell products. One of those products are HDTVs. If you decide to checkout or even, here are a few helpful buying tips for you.

Read Reviews: Speaking from personal experience, some HDTVs aren't worth the money. Luckily, buying used presents a good opportunity for you. When I reviewed the new one I bought all the reviews were "this is great;" however, people jumped right on the computer and reviewed the TV after only having it in their living room for one month. When my LCD TV went, I headed back to those reviews and many were edited later stating the same power problem I had. When you buy used, the HDTV has been on the market a while and you are able to see the good reviews, as well as the bad reviews that start showing up a few months or a year later.

Ask About Repairs: This ties into the above mentioned problem I had with our LCD TV. We contacted a local television repair guy who would do the work for $300. Considering the fact that the original cost was $1,500 it wasn't a bad deal, but the television wouldn't be ready for pickup for weeks. We ended up buying a new TV and sold the older, repaired one on Craigslist. We stated this TV underwent repairs and offered a discount price because of it, but not everyone takes this approach. It won't hurt to ask. Ask why they are selling the set: was something wrong or did they just upgrade If repairs were made, try to get an even better deal by negotiating.

Consider Size: If you are buying a big screen HDTV, you want to have a game plan in place. Many times a seller just sells the television; it is your responsibility to load it into a car. A 47" television can weight as much as 150 pounds! Before agreeing to buy, get the basics on the TV in question. Moreover, ask how far you are going to need to carry it. Don't find out too late that the seller lives on the third floor of an apartment complex with a narrow stairway; your great deal might not seem so great after all.

Size, repairs, and reviews are all factors you want to take into consideration when buying an HDTV or any television from or Cheap TVs are easy to find on these websites, but you want to ensure your cheap purchase really is a good deal
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