LCD, LED, Plasma? Which TV Should You Choose

LCD, LED, Plasma TV
LCD, LED, Plasma

So...since there's about a thousand TVs to choose from we're just gonna go over the vital differences between the different technologies.

LCD vs Plasma vs LED

Let's start this off by going over what is the same. Everyone is going to boast about contrast, color reproduction, smoothness, and clarity, but each technology is going to be pretty similar when you're looking at the best of each.


LCD gives you a very 3D like experience. The sets with 120Hz or more take away any artifacts (blur from fast moving objects


LCD TVs with lower than 120Hz really gives you an artifact problem. They'll be cheaper, but may not merit the savings a couple months down the road



Nobody can touch the vividness that Plasma can create.

Big screen for little priceall.. plasma is the only way to go.


You don't get the same 3D realism that you get with LCD or LED.

Plasmas have a shorter lifespan, though with newer technology they come close



Incredible 3D realism!

Incredibly thin!

It's the newest technology so it's a bit pricy


As you can see these TVs (newer models) are fairly similar. The smaller differences may be enough to persuade you one way or the other. Just remember, like in anything else, you get what you pay for. Find that balance between price and quality.

Important Features


Depending on your setup you may need more than one HDMI in. If you plan on ever hooking up a computer to your TV you're going to want to have a VGA in. Some computers and most new notebooks will have HDMI outs, but if not, look for that VGA in.

Full HD 1080p

You can save a decent amount of money if you buy a 720p model HDTV. Your eyes can only resolve so many pixels per inch. So you may not physically be able to notice a difference between 1080p and 720p. If you're TV is big enough you will see a difference. If that difference important, spend the extra money!!! If you don't see the difference save some money.


If you don't have a speaker system set up, or you're looking to streamline your entertainment center, good speakers in your TV are a must. That in mind, if you're an audiophile, there most likely will never be a TV with speakers that will satisfy your ears.           

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