Black Friday Predictions 2012 - Samsung TVs Possible at Discounted Prices

Black Friday Predictions - 2012
Being one of the oldest Black Friday sites, we are in a better position to predict trends & popular product prices during this season.
Following are some of the trends that we foresee
Computers & Electronics that used to be major attraction during black Friday will continue to be one but it may not be as big as it used to be. We have seen shift from desktop to laptop and now we are in the phase where trend is moving towards laptops to tablets and even smartphone. In other words, people can use other devices to do what they could only do with laptops in past. As a result, we may see higher demand for tablets and smartphones on the expense of desktop and even laptops. That said, we also believe that tablets and smartphones are additional accessories so Laptop would still be required for most other task.
New edge Smartphones can easily replace GPS, MP3 Players and to some extend day-to-day Cameras or Camcorders. Since most smartphones are tied with service plans of service providers and Unlocked phones are not so popular, we may not see huge rush for the services + phone during black Friday but there exists a demand.
TVs are getting cheaper and trend it to go over larger screen and 3D TVs. We may see good prices on TVs this year. We may see good prices on Internet TVs or Smart TVs. One thing to note here is that most stores offer good TV deals during black Friday but if you are looking for high end, top brand TV, you may not find the best price during black Friday since most stores try to attract consumers by offering great prices on non-branded or lessor known branded TVs.
Fashions- We expect great prices and consumer demand for Women's apparel, shoes and accessories segment.
Home & Garden- We expect great doorbusters and nice discount in stores in this sector as competition to attract consumers in this area is intense.
Cyber Monday - This year Cyber Monday will gain ground and we expect more and more stores to come up with their Cyber Monday Sales. Bookmark our Cyber Monday site to catch hottest Cyber Monday Deals as soon as they go live.


Black Friday Predictions for Mini Notebooks / Laptops
- Intel Core i3, 14.1-inch Display, 4GB RAM, 320GB, BluRay, Wi-Fi for $299.00 (Compare at - Amazon - Lenovo - HP - Dell)
- Intel Core i3, 15.4-in WXGA, 4GB RAM, 500GB, DVD Burner for $299.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Lenovo - HP -Dell )
- Intel Core2 Duo or pentium, 14.1-inch Display, 4GBRAM, 320GB, DVD Burner for $199.99 (Compare at - Amazon)
- Core i5, 8GB RAM, 750GB, 15.6-inch, Blu-ray, 1GB Video card for $449.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Lenovo - HP -Dell)
- Mini Notebooks, 8.9-inch to 10.1 display, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi from $99.00 (Compare at -

Black Friday Predictions for Tablets / iPads / eReaders

- Apple iPad 3rd Generation 16GB Tablet for $399.00 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Tablet for $169.00 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
- Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch for $59.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
 - Kindle Fire HD for $159.99 (Compare at - Amazon)
- Toshiba Thrive 10.1-inch Tablet for $199.00 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
- Apple iPad 2 Tablet for $299.00 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
- Sylvania 7-inch Tablet for $39.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)
- Coby 7-inch Tablet for $49.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart)

Black Friday Predictions for Desktops
- Desktop w/ AMD Athlon Dual-Core, 4GB RAM, 1TB, DVD Burner $199.99 (Compare at - Amazon -HP)
- Desktop PC w/Intel Core i3, 4GB RAM, 500GB, DVD Burner for $299.99 (Compare at - Amazon -HP -Dell )
- Desktop PC w/Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM, 1TB, DVD Burner for $399.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Lenovo - HP -Dell)

Black Friday Predictions for LCD HDTVs / LED HDTV
- 42-inch LCD HDTV for $189 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart - Price Grabber)
- 47-inch LCD HDTV for $299 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart - Price Grabber)
- 55-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $499 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart - Price Grabber)
- 60-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $709 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart - Price Grabber)
- LED 32-inch 1080p LCD HDTV $179 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- LED 37-inch 1080p LCD HDTV $239 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- LED 3D 47-inch 1080p LCD HDTV $599 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- LED 3D 55-inch 1080p LCD HDTV for $799.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)

Black Friday Predictions for GPS
- Nextar GPS Navigator for $29.99 (Compare at - Amazon)
- TomTom GPS for $39.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- Magellan RoadMate GPS for $39.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- Garmin Nuvi GPS for $49.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)

Black Friday Predictions for MP3 Players
- 4GB MP3 Player for $4.99 (Compare at - -Walmart)
- 8GB MP3 Player for $14.99 (Compare at - -Walmart)
- iPod touch Starting @ $129.00 (Compare at - -Walmart)     

Black Friday Predictions for iPhone / Smartphones
- Apple iPhone 4G for FREE (Service Required) (Compare at - Amazon -Sprint -At&t -Verizon)
- HTC Smartphone w/Google's Android for FREE (Service Required) (Compare at - Amazon -Sprint -At&t -Verizon)
- HTC ThunderBolt 4G LTE Android Phone + FREE $50 Gift Card for FREE (Service Required) (Compare at - Amazon -Sprint -At&t -Verizon)

Black Friday Predictions - Miscellaneous
- Blu-ray Player for $29.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- 3TB External Hard drive for $59.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- Nintendo Wii for $99.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- Sony PlayStation 3 for $199 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
- Microsoft Xbox 360 Console for $149.99 (Compare at - Amazon -Walmart -Price Grabber)
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The Technology Behind 42-Inch LED TVs

The Technology Behind 42-Inch LED TVs
The Technology Behind 42-Inch LED TVs
More buyers are now choosing LED TVs, particularly the very popular 42" LED TVs. Their picture quality rivals (some say even surpasses) the very best that plasma TVs can offer, at a more efficient level of energy consumption. A 42" LED TV is also superior to the standard LCD TV in terms of overall picture quality.

What gives a 42" LED TV an edge is, of course, the more sophisticated LED technology. "LED" refers to light emitting diodes, which provide illumination to the display and produce the picture. LEDs are better than the cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs) found in standard LCD TVs, in that they deliver better, more vivid images.

In addition, some 42" LEDs have a feature called "local dimming." This means that when a picture in a scene requires it, some LEDs are turned off completely. As a result, some parts of the screen are in total darkness while others continue to be lit. This produces very dramatic, deep blacks. An LCD TV is simply incapable of this, because the fluorescent light tubes are always on, and so the blacks in a picture are never completely black.

There are two ways that the LEDs may be laid out at the back of a 42" LED. In "full-array" configuration, the LEDs are laid out behind the entire display. In the "edge-lit" configuration, the LEDs are placed only on the sides or edges of the panel. But still, even if only edge-lit, the lighting can reach all parts of the display including the middle, using what are called "light guides".

Thus, some 42" TVs may be full-array with or without local dimming, while others may be edge-lit, again with or without local dimming. The most common in the market are those that are edge-lit without local dimming, which are also the thinnest models. The ones that perform best are the full-array with local dimming type, the original type of LED TVs that came out.           
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Smart TVs

Smart TVs
Smart TVs
Smart TVs offer the web browsing and application capabilities of a smartphone with the spectacular display of a HD television. Currently internet enabled television sales are growing fast. These new televisions are pushing the boundaries of conventional pay-per-view TV and enabling far greater consumption of online video content. Many traditional television and cable networks are scrambling to meet demand for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and online pay-per-view content.

We have seen apps such as Angry Birds and Spotify literally blow up in popularity across mobile devices and the same potential is there for Smart TVs. IP-delivered services will become hugely popular via Smart televisions. Ordering shopping, pizzas and paying utility bills using your television will become common place within the next 5 to 10 years.

Families will use TV apps for cooking, gaming, music and anything else they find interesting. Even businesses across the world will use television apps to work together in a variety of ways. Cloud based services for businesses which are accessible from a television could be very beneficial for global business, the potential is enormous.

New Smart TVs

Panasonic has launched a range of Smart TVs called "Smart Viera", which focus on consumers being able to communicate better using services such as Skype. These new televisions will also offer Facebook access, various apps and games. The new models will come in 2D and 3D. One of the first apps to be released includes a fitness game which comes with Body Media Fit accessory. The accessory acts as a health and food monitor which can be synced with an online account specific to your needs and to help you along as you go.

Samsung have also launched their own versions which allow access to Facebook, Twitter and full web browsing along with 2D and 3D viewing capability. The new Samsung range incorporates what it calls a "Smart Hub" interface to easily navigate and use social networks and other well-known portals. The electronics maker has also designed an easy to use touch screen remote for surfing the net, watching TV and playing games. The "Smart Hub" interface enables viewers to find and download music and movie content. Samsung's marketing manager, Corrie Labuschagne said "Samsung expect to sell 12 million Smart TVs in 2011 alone".

The next generation TVs offer benefits to parents because they allow for tighter parental controls to protect children against unsuitable content. Using a wireless router you can set parental controls to restrict access to social networks, adult, illegal content and video sharing sites. You can even only allow access to sites such as Facebook during a certain time of the day and change access controls from anywhere with an internet connection.

Smart TVs are the next big thing in home entertainment they allow for all the same engagement and interaction as a laptop or home computer on a much bigger screen with better picture quality. The adoption of this new technology will certainly mean families and friends will benefit from new entertainment experiences in the comfort of their own homes.       
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Sony BRAVIA XBR-55HX292 Review: 55 Inch Full Array LCD LED 3D HDTV

Sony BRAVIA XBR-55HX292  Review
Sony BRAVIA XBR-55HX292  Review
Sony has launched its long awaited 3D LED TVs. One has a 46 inch screen while the other has a 55 inch one for the ultimate viewing experience. If you are a Sony fan then this is the TV of your dreams, and if you have not been one up until now, this Sony XBR-55HX929 should convert you into one.


Even without having the TV on the Sony XBR-55HX929 looks chic and stylish, with its flat screen (1.5 inches thick) on its stand. Of course it can also be wall-mounted if you prefer. The picture is superb with 1080 pixels-all of which function- there are no 'dead' pixels. It has sharp colour contrasts and you can adjust the depth of the 3D content for the ultimate 3 D experience. In 2D you still have the same excellent picture quality. It has Internet connectivity and you can stream music and videos, which look - good even the low-resolution ones look sharp and crisp. Both of the sets in the Sony HX929 series are excellent buys, but for the real feel of a cinema in your own home the Sony XBR-55HX929 is best. This high definition 3D TV works with Sony active shutter glasses as does the smaller one in the Sony HX929 series.


If you know what you are doing and are technologically savvy, then you can install it yourself, although I always find that a professional does the best job. If you want it wall-mounted, then you should call in an expert. If however you want it freestanding then you can install it yourself.


The picture quality is second to none, as you would expect from a brand new Sony. You can go to a store which is displaying the Sony XBR-55HX929, the equivalent Samsung and LG models, and decide for yourself which picture is the sharpest. The Sony stands out. It is thin and elegant and looks good even when switched off and unlike the Samsung and LG plasma screens it doesn't leave a "shadow"


The instructions were a little tricky to follow for me, but I called in a friend who fixed it for me, so if you have a little more know-how than I do the instructions can be followed.

The price is the major drawback I suspect for many, but the quality and the features you get with the Sony XBR55HX929 and the smaller screened one in the Sony HX929 series are arguably worth the extra cost.

Take the acid test and go to a tore and spot the Sony XBR-55HX929 it really does stand out from the rest, which makes it value for money.       
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Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV Review

Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV
Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV
The Sony Bravia EX700 52-Inch LED TV gives you full 1080p High Definition. With stunning contrast and smooth high motion picture performance the Sony BRAVIA EX700-Series LED HDTV is an excellent LED TV.

It gives full Internet connectivity so you can control a vast variety of movies, TV shows, videos and music using apps like Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, and many more all at the touch of a button.

So, I was over the moon to hear that my friend Dave brought one, and even more delighted when he invited me round to take a look! Dave purchased his Sony Bravia EX700 52-Inch LED TV last week, so I just had to go round and see what he was making such a fuss about The first thing that I noticed was the gorgeously beautiful picture.

The colors are rich and sharp and the blacks demonstrate immense depth and naturally the LED HD makes everything so decisive and clean.

Dave put Sony Bravia EX700 up in his Family Room and he's got a really nice home theater set to compliment his LED TV and to really bring out the best from it! His Set-up includes Pioneer Elite SC-25 receiver, LG Blu-ray, Boston Acoustics center and surround sound speakers. It really is a top-notch set up and we watched Avatar which was a truly great viewing experience. The action sequences were lucid and fresh and the colors pulsating, it was without doubt superb.

After the viewing Dave took me through his views on the pros and cons of his new Sony Bravia LED HD TV.

Clearly he's completely delighted with the picture quality and clarity. He's upgraded from a Samsung 46 Inch LCD to the Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV. Hie definitely feels the picture is better although only by a small degree. I must admit I thought the difference was more "marked" with the new Bravia picture being distinctively better - opinions, ehall

I'm not sure exactly why I felt that, but despite the screen being that much bigger the colors just seemed to shine through more and the picture was just that little bit cleaner.

Indeed, the picture from Dave's Blu-ray we're just out of this world. Most would agree that Avatar is a fine movie in any case but the Blu-ray full 1080 HD just made it a truly great view and I think that is certainly in some way due to the outstanding performance of the Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV.

There is a great jack pack with the Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch Led TV including a free wireless dongle! Dave is hardwired in, but Internet viewing was good. O.K, not as crisp as the full HD, but pretty good nonetheless.

It's also is a great looking piece of kit. The screen is surrounded by a shiny black surround that simply glistens. I'm sure it will be horrible to keep clean, nevertheless at a week old it looks great!

One slight downside is that the channel change was on the slow side. This surprised me a little as I have a Samsung and I know they have got rid of this nuisance problem. But in the overall scheme of things, it's a minor gripe.

Overall the Sony Bravia EX700 52 Inch LED TV is a great bit of kit offering a superb viewing experience and a great price to performance ratio, highly recommended and I know Dave's over the moon with his capture...And he's not easily pleased when it comes to his HD TV!           
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Should We Buy a 3D TV?

Should We Buy a 3D TV?
Should We Buy a 3D TV?
3D TV is finally here and companies and TV stations have already started producing films and programs for broadcasting in this exciting new technology. The release of the 3D TV technology, however, is not yet widely known amongst all. Just as we are digesting the release of high definition TV, television manufacturers invade the shelves with a new technology: 3D is riding on the success of films like "Avatar". Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG and Philips have had 3D TV models released that are capable of broadcasting images in 3D TV. Sharp and Toshiba will launch later in the year. 3D TVs are expected to represent 10-15% of sales this year.

There are many questions that need to be answered and many people are still wandering if 3D TV is worth investing in. From the initial impressions, 3D TV looks to give some stunning results. But the programs remain rare and programs for the platform are not yet widely available. So should we rush to buy 3D TVall Lets learn a bit more and address some of the common questions.

Is the 3D technology really developed?

Yes, because it has been around for years. For the case of understanding in simple terms, 3D images are filmed by two different cameras, one for the right eye and one for the left eye. During their broadcasting on screen, the brain assembles the two pieces of information together into one to form complete 3D images. When watching 3D TV, the viewer really develops a feeling of being immersed in the action.

Should the viewer use 3D glasses?

For the time being, yes. All manufacturers are supplying 3D glasses that are meant to be used to watch the TV. But the spectacles are heavy and moreover inconsistent from one brand to another. Toshiba, Sharp and Hitachi showed prototypes of 3D screens without glasses, but have not yet announced a release date.

What programs can we watch in 3D?

For the moment, there is not much. The UK satellite TV supplier Sky has started broadcasting some channels for 3D, but this is relatively small in the scheme of things. The channel broadcasted key football games throughout the world cup and continues to add more programming for 3D but we will need to wait a little longer before the mainstream channels are broadcasted in 3D.

Can we keep our old DVDs and video games?

Yes. 3D TVs are also capable of broadcasting images in 2D, so you don't have to worry whether they will accept your current collection of movies and games. Conversely, to watch the new Blu-ray topography, you need to buy a suitable reader, because the first generation devices do not read them. Same thing applies to consoles. The first 3D video games are not expected before the end of the year and only Sony has so far announced an update of its PS3 console this summer to allow users to play 3D games.

Should we fear adverse effects on health?

As going to the cinema, it is not unusual to experience fatigue, and even a headache when watching 3D. The brain is having to reconstruct the stereoscopic images and it can be stressful in the long run, especially if the scenes are very choppy. Also note that 5-10% of people suffer from "stereo blindness": they do not perceive the depth of images, even when wearing 3D glasses. In other words, they will not see the difference between a conventional TV and a 3D screen. It is therefore advisable to test the process in-store before purchase
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Should I Buy One of Those New 3D TVs ?

Should I Buy One of Those New 3D TVs
Should I Buy One of Those New 3D TVs
An innovative new technology that is just coming to the market for consumers is the 3D television. It will permit people to view 3D movies, TV shows, and even video games from the comfort of their own home. There are a few different TV manufacturers that have created the technology that will work for a home theater 3D experience, but an affordable unit may still require a wait of a couple of years. For now the majority of 3D televisions will only be completely functional with an entirely new home theater package that will need to include a 3D television and 3D Blu-ray player.
While there is no regular technology that everyone is using, there are a few different companies that are in the process of creating 3D televisions. It is a guessing game as to who will have the best quality 3D television.

Most of the 3D televisions require that you wear the special 3D glasses in order to get the 3D effect, but there are some companies that are trying to make it so you do not have to wear the special glasses.

Right now there is not much actual content that can be viewed on a 3D television besides a few movies, but with everyone anticipating the release of more user friendly 3D televisions there is more content that will be compatible expected to come along soon.

Once 3D content is available there will probably be special cable TV or satellite TV boxes that are going to be 3D enabled. Many service companies will most likely add this on as an upgrade you can purchase, or depending on how available it becomes they will give a free upgrade. Once the service is available your provider will let you know.

Very soon consumers are going to need to decide if they would like to switch their home entertainment systems to 3D or stay with HDTV. Many stores are already carrying the 3D televisions from a few different manufacturers, but others are expected to arrive to the market very soon. After trying out a 3D television in the stores you will most likely want one right away because you are astounded by the technology and picture quality. The thing that you need to consider is that similar to the HDTV when they were first on the market, 3D televisions are pretty expensive right now and the price will most likely drop. So do you buy one now and be the first of your friends and family to have one, or do you wait until the price falls a little, the technology is perfected, and more 3D content becomes availableall

If there was one thing many people learned from buying an HDTV when they first came onto the market, it is that new technology is expensive. Right now with the technology being new you will need to buy not only the 3D TV, but you will also need to buy the additional 3D glasses and a 3D Blu-ray player at an additional cost. You can probably expect the price of the HDTV to go down with this new competition from 3D televisions. So would buying an HDTV that may later on be able to be adapted for 3D be a smart idea? Ultimately the decision is up to you, but with a new 3D television you will also get the latest of the updated HD technology.

The technology for 3D televisions is still at the early stages and will be developed a lot more as it gets older. But in the past few years the technology has been developed a great deal in order to bring it into the consumer's living room. There are many movies now that are filmed in 3D that is more advanced than previous undeveloped methods that were used.

Recent movies that I have seen in the theaters have been so life like, it really amazes you as you sit through a movie and watch the life like animation in cartoons and have actors jumping out at you in action movies. Testing out a 3D television in the store gave me the same type of jaw dropping experience and I realized that soon I would be able to have that same experience at home as well. I have seen 3D movies before but nothing like this. Remember that 3D commercial from the Super Bowl a few years ago? That same commercial with a 3D television would be even better.

The decision to buy now or wait still confuses me as I am sure it does other people too. There are talks of video game systems having the new 3D ready technology built into the consoles so your video games will be in 3D when you play. All of the accessories that will be needed to enhance the experience will be expensive, but you need to decide if the experience would be worth the extra money in the end.           
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Shopping for The Best 55 Inch HDTV

The Best 55 Inch HDTV
The Best 55 Inch HDTV
My Pick of the Best 55 inch HDTVs

We start with the Vizio XVT553SV which offers excellent picture quality, great local dimming capacity, and an extensive array of features. The Vizio XVT553SV is one of the TVs that will cause the least pain in your wallet when compared to other top 55 inch HDTVs. You will find prices are typically around $1600.

The Samsung UN55C8000 55 inch 3D LED HDTV gives unique edge-lit local dimming, deep black levels, superb contrast, and very precise colors. Having these features-not to mention the Smart TV platform-gives the Samsung UN55C8000 a strong boost up the ladder of "best high-def TVs". Prices are currently hovering around the $2555.00 mark.

The Sony Bravia 55-inch 3D HDTV uses its LED backlight and original ambient sensors to produce its high quality color and brightness. Its 240 Hz technology and 1920x1080p resolution provide smooth motion detail and make it one of the best HDTVs. Lowest prices are at about $1,998.00.

We would include the Vizio M550NV 55 inch LED hdtv on our list of best flat screen 55 inch tvs because of its impressive Vizio internet apps and crispness of image. This is a truly cost-effective option if you take into account the ambient light-sensing and the virtual surround sound. Prices begin around $1,298.00.

The LG 55LE8500 is nearly twice the price of the Vizio M550NV, but gives one nice deep shades of black and shadow detail, awesome color accuracy, and fantastic angle-viewing. This expensive HDTV might be worth the price for dedicated videophiles. Prices are from $2,400.00

So we have to ask ourselves in these brief flat screen TV reviews:what is the best value 55 inch HDTV for your moneyall Since the 3D element substantially pushes up cost, we have eliminated the Sony and Samsung models. The LG model was cut due to the cost. That leaves the two Vizios.

As you can discover if you read our M550NV review, the Vizio M550NV is a 1080p 120Hz HDTV with many great features for the cost. One common buyer comment is that picture quality is much better and that the M550NV runs much cooler than plasma TVs. What buyers seem to appreciate is how easy it is to set up, the great range of internet apps, and great customizable picture and audio settings on this Vizio 55 inch TV. Something that is often quoted by users is that the Vizio M550NV is the best HDTV for the money There were a few customer complaints, such as the picture occasionally froze, or shutting down.

When looking at our Vizio XVT553SV review, customers were impressed that CNET rated the XVT553SV for the first ever "excellent" rating for a Vizio HDTV -in 2010. CNET, along with individual buyers, commented on XVT553SV's exemplary picture quality, cool design, tons of features, and top value in 55 inch LED/LCD HDTVs. Customers also commented on excellent color accuracy and big viewing angle. Others when comparison shopping have commented very favorably on the XVT553SV and that it is one of the top performing HDTVs. Some of the negative comments noted were about poor black levels and contrast ratios.

The bottom line is: The Vizio M550NV and the Vizio XVT553SV are our picks for the best value 55 inch HDTV. When comparing these two Vizios to other 55 inch HDTVs we felt the next best in quality value was the HX800, but the 3D component is still disappointing -you have to buy the accessories separately and it is expensive-2 pair of 3D glasses cost $300. It is a close call but we say the Vizio XVT553SV outperforms the M550NV with double the refresh rate at 240Hz, along with advanced back-lighting and dimming capacities.           
Description: Shopping for The Best 55 Inch HDTV Rating: 4.0 Reviewer: Muslich Mahfudz ItemReviewed: Shopping for The Best 55 Inch HDTV
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Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D LED TV Review

Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D LED TV Review
Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D LED TV Review
If you've read my article on the Samsung UN65C6500, you'll know my HD TV Buddy Tom got himself one a while back. And you'll also know we had a great time watching it in his viewing room. It was a great experience, but you'll also know that I did have a slight reservation that it was only 120 Hz and I was worried that Tom didn't wait for the 240 Hz version...which has duly arrived with the Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch LED 3D TV. It's also 3D!

Despite the fact Tom's set is only 120Hz, I was surprised (in a good way) at the picture quality. There's no doubt it was a superb set in his large room setting.

But, with the upgraded version Samsung really have pushed the boat out with full 1080p, 240Hz and 3D. And...WOW, that's all! What a TV the new Samsung UN65C8000 is.

Samsung's new "Ultra Clear Panel" picture technology is remarkable. This is what the brochure has to say about it "Advanced technology (Ultra Clear Panel) lets you enjoy crisp image details, natural skin tones, excellent shadow detail, and vibrant colors". For once the advertising blurb is not wrong!

How do I know thisall hook or by crook, I knew I had to get a look at one of these things! I wasn't sure how so my first stop was my HD TV chums down at the local store. So, I went down and asked when they might be getting a Samsung UN65C8000 on the showroom floor? Whilst they didn't have an exact time scale, they were going to a Samsung TV exhibition in Seattle the next day. Now, I am a great one for goal setting, and it's amazing what can happen when you put your mind to something. They had a spare ticket and offered it to me!

Talk about child in a sweet shop! This was HD TV heaven, with large chunk of 3D thrown in!

My first stop had to be the UN65C8000 and she didn't disappoint.

First up, the picture. The Samsung brochure is right about the picture. I know there are only so many superlatives you can use when talking about clarity, vibrant colors, deep blacks and so on, but the picture was stunning in it's beauty. I was blow away by it, with the skin tones, the reality of it and the way shadows looked, it was different. It was better, it was real! I've seen an awful lot of HD TV and this is the best picture I've seen - particularly on such a big set.

So, what else do you get? As I said it's full 1080p, 240 Hz HD and the set is 3D ready. The native 3D demo and Samsung Active 3D glasses were the same as I saw in London. It was the canyon demo and those water splashes on the screen again made me jump! They then ran some of the latest Star Trek in 3D. I had seen this before but it was still a great experience, especially when they dive off the platform, I just love that.

I do like 3D, definitely. But as I have said before I wear glasses and I don't get on with lenses! And...the 3D glasses do get a little uncomfortable after a while when worn over existing specs. And it's something the advertisers are chosing to ignore. No matter where I have seen an HD promo, here, the U.K, Canada, it's the same. This issue is being swept under the carpet!

It's a shame as I now thing 3D is here to stay especially as more and more content is becoming available.

Moving on, even the 2D picture is powerful. And I think powerful is the right word!

The Samsung UN65C8000 3D LED TV has every connectivity issue you could imagine covered. Internet @ TV offers all of your favourite digital content at the press of the remote. You can also hook up your digital camera or camcorder, access videos playlists and there is an enhanced game Mode which is stunning.

Game Mode has been a bit of an issue for Samsung (in my opinion) and there is no doubt Samsung have worked on this over the 7000 series LEDs. They were running a preview of "Michael Jackson - The Experience" on and HD Wii and it was great fun and amazing game play quality.

A digital tuner is incorporated so there you won't need a set top box and "AllShare" allows you to wirelessly sync up any other wireless device in the house. So you can make all of your digital content readily available through the set. I have a huge problem. There's no getting away from it - I want one! Yes, I know I said I was  going to sit

This is not logical - far from it, and I know it. But the Samsung UN65C8000 is such a beautiful thing....both on and off. With the touch of color in the slate grey surround and the way it bursts into life with such a stunning clarity, all logic is defied!

Now Darling, why don't we go out for dinner tonight? Your choice...Yes darling, wherever you want! How about some champagne....           
Description: Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D LED TV Review Rating: 4.0 Reviewer: Muslich Mahfudz ItemReviewed: Samsung UN65C8000 65 Inch 3D LED TV Review
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Samsung UN55D8000 - Perfect 55 Inch 3D LED TV From Samsung

Samsung UN55D8000 - Perfect 55 Inch 3D LED TV From Samsung
Samsung UN55D8000 - Perfect 55 Inch 3D LED TV From Samsung
I always dream of having a nice 55 inch 3D LED TV and always in a hunt for one. One of those that catches my interests is the Samsung UN55D8000. This is probably one of the best smart TVs in the market today especially since it is filled with numerous great features. It has an advanced connectivity, great picture quality, a slender design, and a whole lot more. If you are interested to check it out, you might also want to look deeper into its other brilliant features.

Features of the Samsung UN55D8000

As mentioned, the design of this Samsung UN55D8000 is very slender. With its 55 inch screen, you will also definitely enjoy a full view of the movies you're watching. Furthermore, there is also the 0.2 inch brushed metal bezel that is barely visible to the viewer but it added the sleekness to the model. There is also the Quad Stand that has a very minimalistic design that will surely suit the styling of your home. Over-all, the Samsung UN55d8000 looks clean and elegant and this is perfect if you opt for a minimalistic style.

One of the best features of this Samsung UN55D8000 is its 1080p full HD capability with HDMI inputs. This means that it has the capability to display pictures with excellent quality and resolution. They are very clear and defined. Furthermore, you can also connect various sources over a single cable with the help of the four HDMI inputs. This is better than the other products that have sacrificed picture quality with style.

As for picture quality, you can also expect that the Samsung UN55D8000 can deliver great quality. It incorporates an innovative LED picture contrast technology that can definitely improve your viewing experience. The darker tones are very deep and the whites are very bright. Furthermore, the halo effect that is that is very common to other products is eliminated. This also means that the distortion effect is minimized.

For a better gaming experience, the Auto Motion Plus 240Hz technology is utilized. This can make you view every split second of a game and not just have an over-all impression. Everything is captured to a more fluid and smooth action.


Probably the most impressive feature of this Samsung UN55D8000 is its appearance. The screen is maximized and the frame is reduced. 3D picture is at its best so you can definitely have a great viewing experience. Gaming viewing is also improved as every image is captures with great quality.


The only problem with the LED contrast technology is the poor screen uniformity and excessive brightness. This can make the whites so bright and the shadows to be somewhat obscured. This is probably a disadvantage especially if you are very particular with picture quality. This Samsung UN55D8000 is also much more expensive than the other products in the market today. However, this is only due to the fact that it has better and more innovative features.

In general, the Samsung UN55D8000 has some of the best features that a good smart TV can have. With its great picture quality and stylish design, this Samsung UN55D8000 is certainly a good option.    Description: Samsung UN55D8000 - Perfect 55 Inch 3D LED TV From Samsung Rating: 4.0 Reviewer: Muslich Mahfudz ItemReviewed: Samsung UN55D8000 - Perfect 55 Inch 3D LED TV From Samsung
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Samsung UN55D8000: A Smart Edgeless 3D TV

Samsung UN55D8000: A Smart Edgeless 3D TV
Samsung UN55D8000: A Smart Edgeless 3D TV
Thinking of replacing your old TV with a more advanced oneall Televisions today come with many features and options. There is the smart TV, which is a television set with internet capabilities that provides limitless entertainment, both online or offline. A 3D TV is equally as amazing; it provides you with a more realistic TV viewing experience. Now, you can get both features in one television set. Introducing the Samsung UN55D8000 - an edgeless 3D TV that enables you to access a vast collection of information and entertainment contents from the internet.

The 55" (or 54.6" diagonally) Samsung UN55D8000 is a 3D LED TV with Micro Dimming Plus technology and 1080 pixels of resolution. This television features remarkable screen performance that will blow you away. The TV displays accurate colors and wonderful dark levels. Whether you are viewing a regular 2D movie or playing a 3D Blu-Ray DVD, images look amazingly real in Full HD. The Samsung UN55D8000 also has many setting options for a more comfortable viewing experience. The TV set comes with two rechargeable active 3D glasses to help you the experience the amazing 3D images.

The Samsung UN55D8000 boasts a unique "One Design" bezel: the ultra-slim 0.2" bezel helps create the illusion of an edgeless picture. The TV is only 1.2" thick, which makes it perfect to be mounted on walls. Or if you prefer to put it on your TV table, you can swivel it around for better viewing angle.

The Samsung UN55D8000 also comes with an extensive QWERTY remote control. It allows you to utilize the smart TV features of the television easily. With the smart TV features provided by this state of the art television, you can always connect to the internet and search your favorite movies in Blockbuster or Netflix, watch videos from YouTube, or download the latest music from Pandora. You can also watch your favorite TV shows from Hulu Plus, get the latest sports info from ESPN, or download applications with Samsung Apps. The smart TV feature also allows you connect to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter while watching your favorite movie.

Upon the purchase of the Samsung UN55D8000, you will receive a free copy of Megamind or Shrek Forever 3D starter kit. If you are shopping online, you should take your time and compare the prices offered by different online vendors. The price ranges from $2,300 to $3,300, depending on the retailer.           
Description: Samsung UN55D8000: A Smart Edgeless 3D TV Rating: 4.0 Reviewer: Muslich Mahfudz ItemReviewed: Samsung UN55D8000: A Smart Edgeless 3D TV
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